Council to Conduct
Friends of Scouting Campaign
Three Phase Campaign

The Tuscarora Council will be conducting its Annual Friends of Scouting campaign in early spring. The campaign will be done in three phases, which will run simultaneously.  The Council phase of the campaign will start in early January with the recruitment and training of table host. The table host will be recruiting and soliciting folks to attend the Annual Friends of Scouting Dinner to be held in early March at Walnut Creek Country Club.  This phase is for contributors at the $250 and up. Table hosts are currently being recruited for the dinner. If you are called on to be a table host please give full consideration to assisting with this very important phase of the Annual Friends of Scouting campaign.
Each district will be conducting a District phase of the campaign.  This campaign will be done in the districts and will be for soliciting contributors at the $249 and below level. This phase of the campaign will also require a group of campaign workers that will assist in soliciting the contributors.  Early in January, districts will be out recruiting folks that can assist with this phase.
The third phase of the campaign is also a very important part of the overall campaign, The Family Phase. The Family Phase is where the districts will recruit presenters to go to the various Scouting units and schedule a presentation to the families of the Scouts. Typically units conduct their campaigns during Cub Scout Pack, Blue and Gold banquets and Boy Scout Troop, Courts of Honor. It is extremely important that the council has an opportunity to make a presentation to the families of all of our units. It is an educational opportunity for us to educate the families on the budget of the council. Where the money comes from to operate the council and where does that money go. Many families see the regular costs of Scouting such as National and local unit dues, uniform costs, summer camp fees, unit and district activity fees, etc. Many families don’t take into consideration that there are many more costs to being able to offer the Scouting program to their sons. For instance, when you consider the operating costs to run Camp Tuscarora, it takes much more money to operate the camp year round and much more money than is collected during the five weeks of summer camp and Cub Scout camp. The year round operating funds have to come from somewhere. That is one area where contributions from our Friends of Scouting campaign are spent. So all unit leaders please start making plans to schedule a Family Friends of Scouting presentation at your Annul Blue and Gold Banquet or at your next Troop Court of Honor. In doing so you will be assisting in the funding of the program of the Tuscarora Council and the best camp in America, Camp Tuscarora.
Thank you for participating in the Friends of Scouting campaign of the Tuscarora Council!