Recruitment and Membership

Pack and Den Recruiting

The best things in Scouting happen at the unit level. It’s true for life changing experiences that happen in every pack meeting, and it’s true for recruiting as well. When packs and dens get involved,more boys are introduced to the adventure of Scouting than through any other recruiting campaign or method. We can’t do it without you!

Our council does a large amount of Pack and Den recruiting during the beginning of the school year, during September and October. Our professionals will set up a time to speak with each school to get kids interested in the Scouting movement, which is then followed by a “Join Scouting Night”, or a “Round-up”. For information regarding these events, and training on how to effectively run a “Join Scouting Night”, contact your District Executive.

You can also find more resources regarding Pack and Den Recruiting by visiting the ScoutingWire, the official blog of the BSA!

Troop Open Houses

Holding any open house for your Boy Scout Troop allows you to swing open your doors and roll our the red carpet to welcome guests! It provides your unit the perfect opportunity to show off Scouting activities and your unit’s accomplishments. It is a highly effective tool to reach out to youth who have never experienced the world of Scouting.

Try a couple of the following to ensure the success of your Troop’s Open House event:

  • Hold a rally at your 5th and 6th grade schools to drum up interest for the boys that are just now reaching Scout age

  • Have each of your scouts invite one or two of their friends to the open house event; boys are more likely to join the Scouting movement if they have a good friend already in the program!

  • Organize a troop activity shortly following the open house to get your new scouts involved right away

  • Provide a fun atmosphere for the boys at your open house, while providing parents the chance to ask any questions that they may have

Youth join Scouting for the fun and outdoor adventure. Parents want their kids to join to character building and leadership opportunities. Offering a chance for both the kids and the parents to see how Scouting can give them what they want will ensure the success of your open house event!

Registering a new scout

All new scouts must have a Youth Application filled out by their parents, and turned in to their scout leader, who then submits the application to our Scout Office. Any adults who wish to volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America must fill out an Adult Application, and submit to our Scout Office.

New youth and new adult volunteers are accepted year-round! There is never a wrong time to join scouting!