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Cub Scout Leaders:

All you need to know about registration, payment dates, rules and safety, schedules, programs, camperships and forms.

2021 Cub Resident Camp Hold A Site

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2021 Summer Camp Staff application

2021 CIT Application

2021 Hold a Site Form – Scouts BSA Summer Camp

2021 Camp Tuscarora Summer Camp Leaders Guide

Summer Camp Fee Assistance

Camperships – Scouts of the Tuscarora Council have the opportunity to attend our summer camps regardless of their financial situation, due in part to our Campership program. This program is available to any scout who has exhausted all other financial aid and fund-raising options. There is a limited amount of funds available for camperships, so it is important that they go to the scouts that are most in need. Camperships are limited to in-council camps, and one per camper, per camp season. For more information, contact, Kirk Mayes, at

2021 Tuscarora Council Campership Application

Camp Refund Policy

Refund requests must be made in writing and submitted to the Council office. Download your appropriate leader guide for complete details. For more information about camp, please contact our office at 919-734-1714.

COVID-19 Camp Related FAQ

Q: Will there be special efforts made in camp to keep them clean and sanitized? Yes, the ranger, camp director and all camp staff are and will be conducting extra cleaning efforts. All camping facilities will be deep cleaned in preparation of your arrival. We will continue to monitor the information provided to us by the CDC, ACA, Department of Health, and the National BSA Health and Safety Team and will apply the recommended guidelines and follow best practices. Camp staff will receive extended training on cleaning and disinfection as well.

Q: How will you keep Scouts and staff safe at camp? Health and safety is always our number one concern, it is important to us that everyone at camp stay healthy and are well cared for if they become ill. Upon arrival at camp, each participant will be medically screened by certified medical staff which will include individual temperature checks and general health assessment. We will have and act on the latest information from the CDC, state, and local health agencies as well as our camp medical officer regarding best practices on screening procedures for campers as they arrive. Weekly operations will be modified to eliminate gatherings beyond current guidelines. (For example, different approaches to flag ceremonies, dining hall procedures, campfires, Merit Badge classes and other camp-wide events).

Q: What is BSA’s policy on social distancing in a tenting environment when camping? With safety in mind and based on guidance from national and local health officials, and the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). There is no formal policy on social distancing in tents, just as there is no prohibition on tenting alone if logistics can accommodate that request. Our campsites currently accommodate separation of tents and participants can bring their own tent if desired. Camp staff accommodations will also be assessed and reorganized for everyone’s health and safety.

Q: What kind of safety guidelines will you be following at camp? The health and safety of our participants is of the utmost important to us. Our camp is nationally accredited and held to high standards. All participants will be required to come to camp healthy and able to participate. Unit leaders will work in concert with camp management to ensure compliance. Health and safety guidelines provided by the state and CDC will be put into practice. Any participant that arrives at camp physically ill will not be admitted and sent home immediately. We will also be carefully assessing each of our program areas and schedule of offered classes over the next few weeks to make any recommended adjustments as put forth by the CDC. These could include smaller class sizes, rearranging program areas in accordance with social distancing and/or could mean eliminating any class that we feel could not be offered in a safe and compliant manner for our Scouts.

Q: Will I be refunded if my new camp session is cancelled by the Council due to further potential restrictions as a result of COVID-19? Yes. If your session is cancelled by Tuscarora Council you may choose from the following options:

  • Save the funds and roll them over as a credit to be used for Summer Camp 2021 Programs,
  • We’ll hold the credit in your UNIT account and earmark the funds as Summer Camp 2021 Programs Credit.
  • Receive a full refund for the amount paid

Q: What if I cancel my unit’s reservation early and my session is held as usual? Do I get a full refund? Yes. If you are not planning on attending your session and you contact at least seven (10) days before your session start date, you will receive a full refund of fees paid.

Q: Will I have to provide any additional health information to come to camp? Possibly, we are working with local and state agencies to understand any pre-screening guidelines. Information will be shared with reservation holders as it becomes available and updated on council communication channels. A current Annual Health and Medical Record is required to attend camp as usual.

Q: Will there be changes to the dining hall operations? Yes. Details of exactly what will be modified and implemented in regards to dining hall operations will be communicated as soon as the CDC, and local and state agencies have published final required guidelines. We will continue to follow guidelines from these agencies as they are put forth and adjust as needed.

Q: What will the check-in process look like? As is standard in previous years, each unit must check in at camp. This summer there will be a few additional requirements that may include staggered check-in/arrival times, health pre-checks, self-assessments, and screenings. Details of exactly what will be needed and the process will be communicated as soon as local and state agencies have published required guidelines.

Q: Will staff be screened and need to comply with state and local guidelines? Yes. The staff will be screened as provided for in any local and/or state guidelines. Those guidelines are still being drafted by various agencies. Staff will be notified as information becomes available.

Q: Will there be specific procedures for staff or participants if they become ill or present any symptoms? Yes, we will have specific procedures to follow in the case of someone becoming ill or showing symptoms. Guidelines from our medical officer, and local and state agencies are being drafted and will be put into place as they become available.

Q: Will I still need to get an Annual Health and Medical Record PART C for camp over 72 hours? Yes. BSA’s Annual Health and Medical Record Forms Part A, Part B1 and Part B2 are required for day camp sessions and Cub Scout/Webelos resident camp. Parts A, B1, B2 and C are for Scouts BSA resident camp and are required.

Q: My Scout was unable to get a physical scheduled (Part C) with their doctor due to the virus restricting doctor visits. Can we use their medical form from last year, even if it is technically expired? This is a challenge for summer camp participants as we want to make sure each participant is healthy and ready for their summer camp experience. We are working with the Enterprise Risk Management team at National Boy Scouts of America to get an answer to this question. We anticipate having a formal response in the next few weeks, we will send more information to all Scouts BSA units with camp reservations as soon as possible.

Q: What if I have individual families who want to cancel early due to their fear of the virus? We would encourage all families to wait to make a final decision until we know more in regards to COVID-19 and its impact. However, we certainly understand these fears and will always respect the decisions of each individual family in regards to their Scout and family’s health and safety. If you have members that are not planning on attending their scheduled session, please contact kirk, for a full refund of fees paid. All refunds will be returned to the CC used to make the original reservation.

Q: How do I get updated on further communications about summer camp status and COVID-19? We plan to update these FAQs as often as necessary to keep up with the changing COVID-19 situation. So, please stay tuned for further updates as they are released. We use email blasts, the Friday Five weekly newsletter (sign up here), and our Camp and Council Facebook pages to communicate with our members frequently. If you have any questions or concerns, contact – please add “Summer Camp Question” in the subject line.