Training Guides and Podcasts

Guides and Other Resources

The following guides are available for Scouting leaders. These guides are designed to accompany official training courses and are not replacements for these classes.

Tips on Den Meetings and Discipline  
Webelos Overnight Training Packet (2008)
Cub Leader Basic Packet (2009)

So You're a New Den Leader
So You're a New Pack Committee Member
So You're a New Webelos Den Leader

So You're a New Tiger Cub Den Leader
So You're a New Cubmaster
Pack Organizational Chart

The following podcasts and Web sites may be useful for Cub Scout leaders:

Cubcast is a monthly online audio podcast for volunteers, providing terrific insights on ways to help deliver a quality Cub Scout program. Click the embed above to access.

Fast Tracks (

Covers den programs for all levels. Simply login with your pack number, city and ZIP, and the system will lead you to the den meeting plans. This system has a great track record. It's been proven to increase retention rates of Cub Scouts by 20 percent or more.

Trax ( )

Helps you keep up with your boys' records of what they've earned, events they've attended and much more. This free tool has programmed spreadsheets for all levels of Cub and Webelos Scouts. This site is not an official Boy Scouts of America resource, and it is run by Scouting volunteer in Texas.  If you have difficulty accessing the link, copy and paste the URL into your browser. It should take you directly to the site.