Helpful Hints for Commissioners

February 2010

How to Keep Your Units Strong

Follow-up with missing Scouts: Please make sure that each unit has someone who is calling to find out why a boy has missed several meetings or become infrequent with their attendance. This gives us valuable feedback and also shows that we care. This act may re-engage a boy that has dropped out as well.

Visit at-risk units: Make sure that our commissioners are visiting our most at-risk units. We don't want to lose those that are on the bubble.

Provide outdoor program: Make sure that our units are providing a strong outdoor program. That the advancement opportunity is available to all boys. The unit should be boy led and run.

Charter renewals: Please don't let charter renewals fall through the cracks.

Relationship Building is Key For Commissioners

Make a connection in person, by phone or through an online method of communication such as e-mail or social networking sites. Keep child protection in mind when using online communications. When using the Internet, do not include the names of Scouts or note where they live.

Relate to people.  You need to find something that you can relate to with each person.  You may like fishing and so does your fellow Scouter. Relate to them with some fishing stories.

Keep in touch.  Even if the leaders don't see things the BSA way right away, stay in contact with them.  Their way of looking at things may change in the future, and if you keep the relationship strong, you will be the one they turn to for advice. By building relationships and keeping them going, you are going to be able to increase both your effectiveness and reach.  You may find someone with something that you need and by having that connection with them, you will not have to search for it. You will know just where to go for help.