Scouts Collect 63 Tents for Medical Teams in Haiti

February 2010

Tuscarora Scouts Donate 63 Tents and Other Items for Medical Teams in Haiti; Items Collected Within Three Hours

Within three hours, Tuscarora Scouts were able to collect 63 tents, 10 cases of hand sanitizer and ten cases of bug spray for medical teams in Haiti.

All of the items were donated by local Scouts and volunteers.

The council office received a call on Friday, Jan. 29 at 2:30 p.m. from a Scouting friend who was flying a private jet to Haiti to pick up a group North Carolina physicians who had been treating the injured. The physicians asked if the Scouts could help provide tents, hand sanitizer and bug spray for remaining medical teams. They explained that all of the medical volunteers in the area had given up their shelters for patients.

“We had a phenomenal response,” said Scout Executive Harold Keller. “Our staff called our troops and packs, and within 60 minutes we had 20 tents at the office. Scouts and leaders brought in their own tents or bought new tents. Volunteers purchased all the hand sanitizer and bug spray they could find. It was amazing.“

“Our Scouting family jumped at the opportunity to serve,” added Keller. “That’s what Scouts do.”

Council staff members spent the afternoon and early evening picking up the donated items before an icy storm hit the area. Although snow and light rain began to fall, staff and volunteers drove from Goldsboro to the Kenansville airport to deliver the items. Other volunteers from Beulaville met them there. The group helped load the jet. Because of the worsening weather, the jet was forced to take off at 9:00 that evening. Weather forecasters had predicted one to four inches of ice and snow would blanket the area, making travel very dangerous over the weekend. The early departure also helped the physicians by getting these urgent supplies to them immediately.

The Tuscarora Council would like to thank all of our generous Scouts and volunteers who made it possible to answer the call of our North Carolina physicians providing relief to the people in the earthquake-ravaged island nation.

Thank you to the following local troops and packs who answered the call and participated in the relief effort:

Troop 8 Goldsboro
Pack 8 Goldsboro
Troop 10 Goldsboro
Troop 11 Goldsboro
Pack 12 Fremont
Troop 14 Pikeville
Troop 24 Clayton
Troop 27 Clinton
Pack 34 Mount Olive
Troop 35 Wallace
Troop 47 Beulaville
Pack 47 Beulaville
Troop 51 Wallace
Troop 77 Smithfield
Troop 200 Mount Olive
Troop 258 Goldsboro