As one of the ten methods used in training our youth, camping will always be a fundamental building block of the Scouting program. Along with National camping opportunities, every Council has it's own BSA camp facility. Tuscarora Council has two properties for the use of camping:


Camp Tuscarora

Our Camp is a nationally accredited 1,100 acre camping facility owned and operated by the Tuscarora Council. Camp Tuscarora is located at 965 Scout Road in Fours Oaks, NC. Most Council activities take place at this location. For more information, or to make camping reservations, please contact Camp Ranger Tim Wuertzer at or (919) 921-1750.

Camp Tuscarora Features:

BMX track: More than an acre with a downhill start, three gravity-defying curves, four adrenaline-charged major jumps, and more than 20 smaller jumps.

Skateboard park: Four quarter-pipes, rails, stairs and a specially designed picnic table for skaters to hone their skills.
Updated waterfront: Large waterslide, white sand beach, renovated program shelter, new docks and more.
Other facilities: Brand new shower house facility, upgraded handicraft shelter, air-conditioned dining hall, Trading Post, area for first year campers, basketball court, newly refurbished shooting areas, climbing tower and much more!

Camp Tuscarora policies, rules, and regulations (Revised: January, 2016)
Directions to Camp Tuscarora
Map of Camp Tuscarora - Revised: January, 2014

Kerr Lake

About our Kerr Lake camping property - Our camp at Kerr Lake is a primitive base camp consisting of over 100 acres located on the 50,000 acre John H. Kerr Reservoir in Virginia. Our camp has one of the only natural beaches on the entire reservoir and is popular for fishing, water activities and camping.

Kerr Lake property policies, rules, and regulations 

Directions to Kerr Lake Property



(All required forms for camping.)



BSA Medical Forms: (Health forms MUST be on file with camp First Aid personnel for all members of your unit the entire length of your stay at camp. All forms will be returned to the unit leader upon check-out.) Use forms A&B for stays less than 72 hours, and forms A,B&C for all trips over 72 hours in length.

Annual Health and Medical Form 2016 Version, A,B&C

Camp Activity Waivers: (A parent-signed waiver is required for activities offered at Camp Tuscarora, such as BMX, skateboarding, and climbing.

Camp Tuscarora 2017 Boy Scout Camp Activity Waiver

Camp Tuscarora 2017 Cub Scout Activity Waiver

Campership Application: (Tuscarora strives to make the summer camp experience possible for all boys in our Council. Camperships are need-based and will be offered if the candidate meets certain criteria.)

Tuscarora Council Campership Application