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Top Council News Story: Recharter is Upcoming! 

Each unit within the BSA is chartered to an organization who has agreed to sponsor a unit with meeting spaces, financial assistance, and/or any other resources they feel they can offer. Each year a unit "recharters", in which an agreement is made for the charter partner to continue sponsoring a unit for the next 12 months. As a council, our recharters begin in December, and run through February. Each unit has a specific recharter month and date, by which they must submit the proper paperwork to the Council office in order to remain chartered. Units that recharter in December should have already received their recharter instructions. Units rechartering in the month of January will receive their recharter instructions at our upcoming Roundtable meetings on November 2nd. Units rechartering in the month of February will recieve their recharter instructions in December. 

Units rechartering on or after January 2018 should note that National registration fees will be increased to $33.00/year (up from $24.00/year) per registrant. Boys' Life fees will remain the same ($12.00/year). All rechartering units will also pay a $40.00 recharter fee, along with a $2.00/person insurance fee (this fee covers the council-offered insurance, used to protect you and your kids). 

Haven't received your recharter instructions, or have questions about the recharter process? Please contact your District Executive (listing here), or our Scout office at (919)734-1714. 

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