Volunteer Leadership

Learn more about our values and code of ethics.

The Tuscarora Council is governed by a group of committed volunteers. These volunteers include:

2015 Council Officers

Council President - Drew Covert
Council Commissioner - Doug Wiggins
Council Treasurer - Jimmy Doss
VP Finance - Steve Moore
VP Membership - Chris Coates
VP Facilities & Risk Management - David Kornegay
VP Camping - Vance Jackson
VP Advancement & Training - Rick Pridgen
VP Activities & Civic Service - Jeremiah Daniels
VP at Large - John Lewis
VP at Large - Earl Worley
VP at Large - Tom Turnage
VP at Large - Tom Yarboro
VP at Large - Don Rains
VP at Large - Danny Jackson

2015 Executive Board

Coharie District Chairperson, Larry Kornegay
Neusiok District Chairperson, Chip Wood
Torhunta District Chairperson, Dale Bevell

Members at Large:
John Bell
John Best
Dale Bevell
Stuart Blount
Bill Bryan
Barbara Byers
Billy Byrd
Allen Clayton
Chris Coates
John Compton
Drew Covert
Ed Croom
Jeremiah Daniels
Jim Daniels
John Daniels
Georgia Dees
Jimmy Doss
Jeff Holt
Danny Jackson
David Jackson
Vance Jackson
Ralph Keaton
David Kornegay
Larry Kornegay
Doug Lamb
John Lewis
Bruce Malpass
Kenny Minshew
Steve Moore
Jarrod Partlo
Ross Powell
John Prestage
Rick Pridgen
Mac Purcell
Don Rains
Rudy Sasser
Brandon Scott
Will Spicer
Dan Sullivan
Steven Taylor
Scott Turik
Tom Turnage
Thad West
Doug Wiggins
Brent Williams
Chip Wood
Kevin Woodard
Earl Worley
Tom Yarboro